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Cardellini Clamps and Cardellini Products
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Cardellini Clamps

Check out all the models including the NEW 6E Standard Clamp!  Standard Cardellini clamps have 5/8" shafts and pins or microphone threads.  They're rust proof, with quick spin knobs and patented jaws that grip a variety of shapes. 

Clamp Accessories
Expand the usefulness of your Cardellini Clamps with handy accessories. Extra pins, and connectors.
Mini Cardellini Clamps

Now available in black! A smaller, much lighter version of the Cardellini Clamp, with a 3/8" pin.  Great for table top work, camera lock-offs, mounting laser pointers, or supporting the end of a long flag. 

Mini Clamp Accessories
Get more use from your Mini Clamps.  Attachments include: 5/8" Pin Adapters, Laser Pointers, and Manfrotto Ball Heads.
Camera Gear
Motion picture camera supports & attachments.  Our Cardelllini high hats, low hats, quick release tie-down (Head-LockTM) and our Camera Rod Bracket.
Other Grip Equipment
The newly redesigned and improved Cardellini Condor Mount, Anderton Dolly Pins, and Foldaway 12 x 12, 8 x 8, & 6 x 6 Frames.

    Cardellini Clamps and Cardellini Products
    Accurate Manufacturing Company, Inc.

    1073 Shary Circle #A Concord, CA94518 USA
    Phone: +1.925.566.8040 

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