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Cardellini Clamps and Cardellini Products
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Cardellini Clamp
 Like any clamp, this one can be damaged by over-tightening. This is especially true if the clamp is applied as shown above "Don't", where only the outside edges of the jaws are contacting the object being clamped. In this type of application, over-tightening will cause the sliding jaw to bind on the shaft, and could even bend the shaft. If you choose to apply the clamp in this way, user the minimum amount of pressure necessary to safely secure the clamp. NEVER USE TOOLS TO TIGHTEN THE CLAMP! 
            This clamp is rated at 20 pounds. A securely attached clamp will support any lamp up to 20 lbs. that is mounted directly to the baby pin of the clamp. In situations where you are reaching out from the clamp and supporting a load on an offset arm or c-stand arm, you will need to determine safe load limits for each particular application.
  1. The best way to apply this clamp is to hold the jaws closed on the object you want to clamp while spinning down the knob and tightening it. You will find this works better than trying to close the jaws by turning the knob.
  2. If, when removing the clamp, you find the sliding jaw bound on the shaft, loosen the knob just a couple of turns, then wrap you fingers around the shaft and use your thumbs to pull the back end of the jaw toward the knob. If this doesn’t work, a light tap on the back end of the jaw will free it. Should the sliding jaw stick on the shaft after the clamp has been closed and stored, simply rotate the jaw to free it.
  3. The “Center Jaw” style clamp (with the fixed jaw in the center of the shaft) will provide a more secure mount because the jaws are always right at the base of the baby pin. The “End Jaw” clamp (with the fixed jaw at the end of the shaft) will fit into more places than the Center Jaw, and also works better if you are using the clamp to hold a bounce card, mirror, 2x4, pipe, etc., because more of the pin will be sticking out from the clamp. This gives you more pin to grab with the head of the supporting stand.
 There are now 6 models of the Cardellini Clamp:
               2E           End Jaw style (2 inch capacity)
2C           Center Jaw style (2 inch capacity)
2R           Right Angle clamp (2 1/2 inch capacity)
3C           Extra-Long Center Jaw style (3 inch capacity)
3D           Double-Spud style (with baby pin at both ends)
2M          Microphone Mount End Jaw (with 5/8”-27 threads)

    Cardellini Clamps and Cardellini Products
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